This Month:

USS Nimitz Announces Meritoriously Advanced Sailors

3rd class chevron

MM3 Cassidy Thompson

AE3 Aberyjon Suing

ABH3 Michellie Santarinala

ABH3 Cole Sams

HM3 Ordedrick Revish

SH3 Liza Pangborn

HM3 Maria Oquendotuberquia

PS3 Christopher Martinezabreu

ABH3 Colin Makowski

ABH3 Rostmert Liwanag

LS3 Kristopher Koenig

HM3 Elizabeth Hockensmith

LS3 Austin Harp

AO3 Tyler Gallaher

EM3 Leilani Etpisondavis

ABE3 Jason Daly

IC3 Wesley Crews

IC3 Adrienne Ashley

DC3 Armando Aranda

LS3 John Anwanwan

2nd class chevron

IT2 Efren Cortez

MM2 Dameon Buckbeecarver

MC2 Holly Herline

AT2 Alexander Victorio

ABE2 Marivel Bowman

ET2 Kevin Valenzuela

HM2 Ryan Gandy1st class chevron

PS1 Sarah Enciso

ABF1 Melani Williams

MM1 Nick Peterson



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